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"I was so pleased with the results of switching to the Tone Acoustics endpin, I decided to see if Tom’s rock stop could enhance the sound of my cello even more. The answer was YES! The rock stop added a more round and focused sound to the instrument. Now, when I play, I have the feeling that the cello has more power to give -- I can feel more layers are added to the sound. The rock stop produces more overtones to my ear, and works particularly well in a room-like setting. For those who have auditions for schools or professional auditions, this rock stop can give one that extra edge to the sound of your cello."

Mark Baekbeom Yee
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" ...I haven’t regretted it since, virtually every aspect of sound quality from projection, resonance, response, and timbre have drastically improved."

Jonathan Lo
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"It is as if I purchased a superior cello. My wolf tone is gone, the volume of my cello is louder, but projects better than before during soft passages, the sound is clearer, I am able to hear more overtones, and the cello responds faster. Thank you so much!"

Anita Greaf

"The super pin sounds so wonderful that I can't play my old pin anymore!"

Tobias Baez
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"The Tone Acoustics pin gives me the widest range of color with very little effort."

Willie Braun
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"I now like the sound enhancement so much that I almost always use it, even when I don't need to! Simply put, every cellist should own one."

Camden Shaw
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"I considered the custom endpin so important to my sound that I purchased a second one when I acquired another cello"

Joseph R. Falconer
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"The Tone Acoustics' endpin is the most innovative and important advancement in sound quality for cello and bass that I have seen - or heard - in decades. "

Paul York
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"I don't know if it's the design, materials, or mass, but the Tone Acoustics Endpin audibly improves the clarity and response of my 1765 Balestrieri. I love how it feels, and I'm never going back!"

Benjamin Karp

"The bottom line is that I highly recommend this endpin! Awesome product!!"

Clayton Vaughn
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" ...It has not only enhanced the sound of my instrument twofold , but it has made playing the instrument easier and more responsive."

Susan Marshall Petersen
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"These endpins are a game changer. I can't say enough positive things about them"

Wesley Baldwin
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"I am really happy that I invested in this pin. It has already been worth the price"

Heikki Hämäläinen
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" I can walk into any venue with the confidence that the disk will stay securely in place and give my cello its best sound"

Emily Allen
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