Clayton Vaughn is a member of the Alabama Symphony, the Des Moines Metro Opera, and the Walden Chamber Music Society. Past positions include principal cellist of the Boulder Chamber Orchestra, section cello of the Omaha, Fort Collins, and Greeley symphony orchestras, and substitute with the Colorado Symphony and Colorado Ballet(

Clayton Vaughn

"The Tone Acoustics endpin is an amazing product. About a year ago, I did a blind playing test of 10 different endpins (steel, Berlin Sound Pin, ebony, a U.S. carbon fiber, a German carbon fiber, Tone Acoustics, brass, titanium, tungsten, and my old New Harmony Carbon Fiber endpin). I went into a hall with some colleagues, put them behind a screen, and proceeded to test each endpin. Within 30 minutes there was a clear winner - the Tone Acoustics endpin. In general, the carbon fiber endpins and the ebony endpin gave my cello a very resonance/round sound, but it was less focused. The various metal endpins gave my cello plenty of focus but lacked depth, complexity, and resonance. Tom's endpin was the only one that gave me everything that I was looking for regarding sound quality: openness, resonance, depth, focus, and projection. An added bonus, which I was not initially concerned with, was that the response of the instrument improved and there was a noticeable increase in the clarity of my spiccato! Not to mention, the cello began to open up even more over time. The bottom line is that I highly recommend this endpin! Awesome product!!"

We recently sent Clayton a Super 10 pin to use for some auditions this summer. His wife, along with Sarah of Sarah Gray Restorations, a luthier, were present. Their impressions follow.

"Wow Tom, this Super pin is awesome!!
We all heard how the sound swelled up! However, the immediate effect was impressive too!

  • Wolf tones are better
  • Response is faster
  • Resonance is deeper
  • More overtones
  • Sound is clearer
  • More sound in general
  • I can dig in more
  • I can play closer to the bridge without choking the sound
  • Sound is more powerful

This is actually an astonishing product! All of the items above are improved by NOTICEABLE amounts. Not just a little bit - it's extremely obvious. I would say at least a 10-12% improvement for each item. It feels like I have some kind of secret weapon or something!
My wife, Sarah and I are very impressed!"

- Clayton Vaughn

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