Audio Test

No pre or post eq recording processing was used. The top frame represents the 3 notes played using a carbon fiber rod. The next 3 frames show the same 3 notes played using 3 different versions of The Tone Acoustics Endpin...and graphically illustrates the enhanced volume and resonance that results.

2 Neumann KM184 used on cello positions at the bridge and the neck body joint; 1 AT4050 used on the center of the body set to cardioid pattern. All microphones were approximately 2 feet away from the instrument. 1 AKG C414 B/ULS used as a room microphone about 10 feet away set to cardioid pattern.

Recording gear:
Yamaha 01V96 Version 2 Digital Mixer; Motu 2408 Mk 2 computer interface Apple Macintosh G5 dual processor computer; Digital Performer 7 recording software

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