Cellist Camden Shaw has captivated audiences across the United States and Europe as an artist of unique and sincere vision. As cellist of the prizewinning Dover Quartet, he has appeared all over the world to great acclaim, being called a “phenomenal instrumentalist, who [seems] to have no technical difficulties.” (Rheinpfalz Ludwigshafen.) He has collaborated in chamber music with such renowned artists as Daniel Hope, Leon Fleischer, and Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg, and maintains an active career as a soloist.

As a member of the Dover Quartet, Camden Shaw and the other three members of the ensemble have been appointed “quartet-in-residence” at Northwestern University’s Henry and Leigh Bienen School of Music for three years, beginning in October of 2015.

Shaw graduated from the Curtis Institute of Music in 2010, where he studied with Peter Wiley. Other major teachers include Norman Fischer, David Finckel, and Steven Isserlis. Shaw performs on an instrument made in 2010 by Sam Zygmuntowicz of Brooklyn, NY.

Camden Shaw

On our endpin...

"I am absolutely thrilled with what the Tone Acoustics endpin has done for my cello.  What struck me was that it not only makes for a louder and more resonant sound, but in fact allows the cello to speak better at ANY dynamic range.  The number of new colors that were available was so exciting- it felt like the instrument had suddenly been set free, releasing its full potential and power.  I can't recommend these endpins highly enough"

On our Coupling Disk Rock Stop...

"The new Coupling Disk rock stop from Tone Acoustics is the only rock stop I use.  Before this product, I never fully trusted rock stops not to slip, and of course most stages are made of a wood where a nice sharp endpin will dig in just fine. However, being a traveling cellist, I can tell you that I've encountered all sorts of surfaces where an endpin alone will not cut it. Cement floors, historic marble floors and even wood floors in a venue where the presenter does not want the floor scratched are all things I've encountered with regularity, and in these cases I used to use a strap to prevent my endpin from slipping.  This was both annoying (the strap can slide side to side) and also looked unprofessional.  Now, the Tone Acoustics rock stop has become a great addition to my arsenal of tools when I travel – because it is the perfect rock stop for three reasons: 1, it never slips; 2, it actually enhances the sound of your instrument, like all Tone Acoustics products; and 3, it looks professional, which most rock stops don't.  I now like the sound enhancement so much that I almost always use it, even when I don't need to!  Simply put, every cellist should own one."

Dover Quartet at Carnegie Hall, April 8, 2016

Videos featuring Mr Shaw and the Dover Quartet:

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2015 Winter Festival: Dover Quartet plays Beethoven in Portland, Oregon
The Dover Quartet, Grand Prize winners at the 2013 Banff International String Quartet Competition, performed at Americas Society.
David Ludwig's Pale Blue Dot
JPR Pre-concert talk with John Adams and Dover Quartet

- Camden Shaw

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