udy Divis has been a member the viola section of the Omaha Symphony since 1986. She has been an active performer in Nebraska with the OSA, as well as Lincoln’s Symphony and recording with local artists Mannheim Steamroller and Bright Eyes. She is a founding member of the Nova String Quartet, established in 1990. You may have seen her playing for your wedding or special event!

A dedicated teacher who has served on the faculty at UNO, the Omaha Conservatory of Music, Brownell-Talbot School, and Midland Lutheran College, Judy served as a String Specialist for Omaha Public Schools for many years, and as a consultant for the Education Department of the Omaha Symphony’s Community Partnerships program. 

Judy’s passion is sharing the amazing world of music to students in underserved communities. As Vice president of the Omaha Chamber Music Society, Judy founded and is the director of the Good Vibrations program, supporting the maintenance and repair of instruments belonging to students in Title I schools in Omaha. Good Vibrations is the only program of its kind in the country and, as of the spring of 2020, has repaired over 100 instruments at no cost to the students or their families. Check out Good Vibrations on the OCMS website: https://www.omahachambermusic.org/good-vibrations

In addition, Judy developed an education program which sends OCMS string players into Omaha schools to work closely with the students and teachers. The students get the benefit of hearing these wonderful professionals up close, and they receive one on one attention, something which may not ordinarily be available to them. The program is in its third year and continues to expand. Both Good Vibrations and the OCMS education program have received an outpouring of support and encouragement from the community. 

“Music is a language we can use to build self-esteem, teach team work and well as encourage a deep appreciate of the arts for our students. It is a living, breathing example of the best of mankind.” - Judy

Judy Divis

This button from Tone Acoustics is an amazing invention! I am a professional violist, and in addition to the myriad of viola jokes, we also have to put up with a major size issue! For a viola to be acoustically comparable to its other string family members (specifically violins and cellos) , the body length of the viola would have to be in the neighborhood of 18 inches – which would be playable by someone who is 6 foot 5 inches tall! Instrument makers have tried to find accommodations for violas of “playable size” and have found various ways to help the viola sound project.  My instrument is 15 ¾ inches in length, and I have always loved the sound, although I found myself overplaying, because it didn’t quite keep up with the projection of the other instruments around me in the orchestra.  Well, those days are gone thanks to this button! I can’t believe how the sound of my instrument has opened up – especially on the lower 2 strings. The tone color is so rich now, both under my ear and out in the hall. The instrument is much easier to play and has more depth of color. It’s so resonant! I couldn’t be more pleased with this fabulous invention! 

Thank you, Tone Acoustics!


Judy Divis

Omaha Symphony

- Judy Divis
Omaha Symphony

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