Tobias Baez Co-principal Cellist in Gewandhausorchestra, Leipzig, Germany (founded in 1743, named in 1781 for its first home – Gewandhaus)

Tobias Baez

The super pin sounds so wonderful that I can't play my old pin anymore! I don’t even carry it with me anymore (which I did in the beginning).

My Instrument is a Guiseppe Dall'Aglio (Mantua, around 1810), the strings I'm playing are Larsen Magnacore (A/D/G, sometimes the C as well) and Thomastik Spirocore (C). The sound quality is basically higher, more noble....any note just sounds richer and deeper. And yes - it is possible to play closer to the bridge. The sound is wider. It would be too simple to say it's louder, because there is so much more to say -- it's asking me to play finer and it's so inspiring!

I can only say thank you for developing such a great pin. For a young musician like me, the price at first seemed quite high, but I have to say it’s worth it to get such a high quality product. Congratulations for developing these wonderful pins.

- Tobias Baez

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