Heikki Hämäläinen, a native of Lohja, Finland, started playing the cello at the age of six. He studied at Turku University of Applied Sciences and graduated from Lahti University of Applied Sciences with a Bachelor of Culture and Arts degree in music pedagogy. His teachers include Jukka Tyrväinen, Jukka Perksalo, Timo Hanhinen and Raimo Sariola. Heikki works as full-time cello teacher at Porvoo Institute of Music and is an active freelance orchestra and chamber musician. He has played in the Lohja City Orchestra on a regular basis since 2002.

Heikki Hämäläinen

"After playing a couple of days, it seems to me that the cello has developed a focused sound with nice texture, and the cello responds even faster than before through all registers... something I didn’t think was possible. I feel that the sound is more balanced between the strings. Also, the upper registers on g and c strings sing more easily. The cello can stand more pressure, allowing me to play very close to the bridge without making the sound thin or forced.

We tested different pins with our principal cellist, so I was also able to hear the difference from the audience's point of view.

With your pin, the sound projects much better than with other pins. The sound seems fuller and wider. Again, this is true through all registers, even the uppermost register, which usually sounds rather nasal and thin. The principal said that his cello was really easy to play and reacted very fast under the bow. I witnessed this effect as well. It must also be said that with the heavy weight of your pin, the instrument rests in perfect balance against one's body and no effort is needed to hold the instrument.

I am really happy that I invested in this pin. It has already been worth the price.”

- Heikki Hämäläinen

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