Willie Braun plays with the Skyros Quartet.

Willie Braun

"I first tried a Tone Acoustics endpin during my doctoral work and it eventually inspired my thesis. During the course of my research, I tried many different pins. I can easily say that the Tone Acoustics is by far my favorite. With the Tone Acoustics pin, my cello speaks more quickly, with more overtones, clarity, and focus in my sound. The Tone Acoustics pin gives me the widest range of color with very little effort. As a quartet musician, this has been invaluable for my colleagues as we tend to base so much from the bass up: intonation, dynamics, timbre. The Tone Acoustics pin allows me to readily create the foundation for my quartetmates to play on top of. Within the first few minutes that I played a Tone Acoustics pin in rehearsal, they told me that it was easier for them to blend their sounds in to mine.

On another note, its also nice to almost never need a rockstop anymore! My Tone Acoustics pin never slips or slides across the floor, it easily sticks in any surface. I only carry a rockstop with me to make sure I don't I make sure I don't accidentally damage the floor.

Just wanted to drop you a quick email that I finally got to play a carbon fiber cello for the first time recently. I put my Tone Acoustics endpin in it and it was pretty incredible how much it improved the sound! I don't know if you've heard the combination yet, just wanted to share with you!"

- Willie Braun

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