Emily Allen is a senior Cello Performance major at the University of Louisville with Paul York, and will be pursuing my Master’s in Cello Performance at Florida State or University of Wisconsin-Madison in the fall.

Emily Allen

"Along with many cellists, I have always been reluctant to play with a rock stop because of the lack of stability and loss of sound. However, many floors and venues do not give you another choice. The Tone Acoustics coupling disk completely addresses all of the concerns I’ve experienced with conventional rockstops. The disk securely sticks on any surface, and I can move and play freely without worrying that it will slip. It also enhances the sound of my 2014 Gregory Walke cello. I was first drawn to the volume boost I noticed when I played with the disk, but in addition to decibels, the disk gives you a clearer, smoother sound. It offers my cello more focus in its sound, and works well even in an acoustically dead room instead of a hall. Additionally, the disk is beautiful and looks much better on stage than a slipping strap or rubber rock stop. I can walk into any venue with the confidence that the disk will stay securely in place and give my cello its best sound."

- Emily Allen

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