NEW! Acoustic Coupling Disk - Rock Stop

This revolutionary Acoustic Coupling Disc is a leap in sound enhancing technology. It stabilizes your instrument, protects floors, and provides acoustic enhancement to ANY endpin...steel, carbon fiber, and of course, to our own. Even works on carpeted surfaces.

Just 2.5 inches in outside diameter and 5/8 of an inch high, the Tone Acoustic brass coupling disc features a black, non-slip surface on the bottom. The dish shape design prevents any loss of acoustic integrity, and in fact, enhances sound. It’s the perfect combination of convenience and quality.

* Performance Tip: The non-slip surface can be wiped clean with a damp or dry cloth to remove any dust or residue to ensure peak performance.
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Protected by patent #US8735702

View video of cellist Camden Shaw
of the Dover Quartet using
our Acoustic Coupling Disk
- Rock Stop →

Overhead view at 1:40 into video

What others say about our Acoustic Coupling Disk

"I now like the sound enhancement so much that I almost always use it, even when I don't need to! Simply put, every cellist should own one."

Camden Shaw
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"I was so pleased with the results of switching to the Tone Acoustics endpin, I decided to see if Tom’s rock stop could enhance the sound of my cello even more. The answer was YES! The rock stop added a more round and focused sound to the instrument. Now, when I play, I have the feeling that the cello has more power to give -- I can feel more layers are added to the sound. The rock stop produces more overtones to my ear, and works particularly well in a room-like setting. For those who have auditions for schools or professional auditions, this rock stop can give one that extra edge to the sound of your cello."

Mark Baekbeom Yee
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" I can walk into any venue with the confidence that the disk will stay securely in place and give my cello its best sound"

Emily Allen
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