The Endpin Replacement for Enhanced Sound in Cello and Bass

Image of Cork with 'Put a cork in it' written on it

If you were a vocalist, and someone told you to "put a cork in it", you'd be pretty annoyed. But if you're a cellist or bassist with a conventional endpin, that's just what you have been doing for years. You've been playing with a cork in your instrument and a variety of other materials - wood, metal, plastic, and carbon fiber - that compromise your endpin.

Together, this composition of materials does just what you might expect it to - muffle sound and respond and transfer acoustic resonance at different rates.

Hear the Difference...
Tone Acoustics endpin systems improve your instrument's performance with:

  • Bigger Sound - increased acoustic output
  • Better Sound - greatly reduced "wolf" tones
  • Bolder Sound - enhanced tonal quality
  • Blazing Speed - faster, clearer response

Hard to believe? Whether you're a seasoned professional, a serious amateur, or a rank beginner, you will hear and feel the difference... and we'll guarantee it.

Try a new Tone Acoustics Endpin on your cello or bass for a month, and if you don't agree, we'll take it back and refund your money*. For more information, contact Tom DeVuono at 502-713-5798, or you can email him at

* Standard sizes only. Custom-sized orders are not refundable.